On Sunday, June 4th, 2017, Autism Edmonton is holding its 8th annual Cycle for Autism.

We are hoping to raise $50,000 for autism programs in our community!

Click on the team name to see their story and photo, and learn more about the wonderful people who will be supporting us at this awesome event.

Top Team Fundraisers for 2017
Team NameOnline Pledge
Team Doodlebug $ 1,780.00
Pedal with the Peddles on Route to the Routleys $ 875.00
Team Braveheart $ 700.00
Southsiders $ 650.00
A-Team $ 475.00
Pollard Pikas $ 275.00
Breton's Band $ 150.00
To The Max $ 140.00
Children's Autism Services of Edmonton $ 95.00
Five Guys Capilano $ 25.00
Team Peter $ 20.00
Teamanila $ 19.00
Five Guys Sherwood Park $ 10.00
Amazing Emily 
Five Guys Manning 
Five Guys South Edmonton Common 
Five Guys Windemere 
Syncopated Steps 
Team Agape 
Team Glenrose 
Team Lindsey 
Team Nolan 
Team Skyler 
The Jones' 
Wonder Wheels